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Jeff Wall Exhibition

The exhibition I chose to attend was the Canadian photographer; Jeff Wall Exhibition at the MCA at The Rocks in Sydney.

I quite enjoyed this exhibition having it been first photography exhibition I have attended.


The exhibition was laid out quite well I feel, in way the truly emerged the viewer into the exhibition and the twenty-seven stunning images. This exhibition covers three decades in his career in artistic, innovative photography and includes his larger-scale pieces, colour photos that were presented using light boxes, Black and white prints as well as more of Wall’s recent colour prints and some intimate small-scale prints.

The rooms were completely white, ordinarily i would assume completely white rooms would be quite over powering and might take away from the art that is being displayed but in this case I was pleasantly surprised, and i feel really enhances the pictures and has certainly displayed them in their full potential.


It has been laid out in large rooms, in the first room their was writing on the wall, the exhibitions name, writing about the artist and really interesting quote by Jeff Wall.

Their was a corridor with smaller images in it, leading to the end, the largest room where many more images were displayed, they were quite spaced out in a way as to not impose on each other and create a very pleasant viewing arena, there were also black leather couches in the middle of the room, so sitting and being able to take in the full power of the photograph would be acceptable, if need be.


One image that I particularly liked was “The Destroyed Room”, this was a very chaotic image but i felt that it was a “structured” chaos, I suppose this is why Wall is known as the father of contemporary photography.

I wasn’t positive what this image was about when i first looked at, although once reading about it i discovered that Wall’s “The Destroyed Room” emerged from a re-encounter with nineteenth century art.

The image’s composition is echoing Eugene Delacroix’s “the Death of a Saranapalis” 1827.

The sweeping diagonals and blood red’s throughout the image and having it quite staged with no people, i also like the contrast we can see from the destroyed scene to the vibrancy of the colours.

“Through the door you can see that it’s only a set held up by supports, that this is not a real space, this is no-one’s house” says Wall. 

An unexplained violence is seen in this image which leaved the viewer to come to their own conclusions.


I believe this is a truly successful image, having never seen it before I was drawn to it from across the room, the sheer size of it was a contributing factor but also the contrast of colours as well as the intensity that the destruction in the room portrays.

I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition ad feel that Jeff wall is an intriguing and a truly influential artist.





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