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Visual Communications

Throughout completing the Visual Communications activities i’ve learnt alot about photography and different photographic practices.


I feel that my ideas of composition, camera position, colour and framing have evolved as a result of these learnings, i feel that i have a greater appreciation of these practices.

As a result of these photographic practices i feel i have a greater appreciation of different photographers as well as having more confidence to try new ideas to influence my image making. For example creating the Gestalt inspired portrait gave me the confidence to use other aspects and other objects to further create different photography pieces.


Throughout studying i feel my thoughts of different ideas for my photography works have evolved substantially,i have learnt there is different ways to create a photo and that an idea  i have can be re-worked to be achievable, as well as creating a difference using photography, creating a voice in society to fight injustice.


The elements i have learnt about in this topic are Tone, Line, Shape, Form, Space, Texture, Balance, harmony, Unity and Contrast, Repetition, Movement and Dominance.

They have played a huge role into my photography, I feel I have become a stronger photographer for it.  I have a better understanding of composition and how to create a message through my photography.


In my images i wanted to portray the idea of balance and harmony, i wanted to create a peaceful image.

I feel both images contain the design elements of contrast and texture as well as the second image having a certain element of movement to it.


Image 1 was taken at a Bali themed hens night, it’s a water feature.

I feel it contains many of the design elements and i feel it was a successful picture because of they framing of the image as well as the contrast of the colours.

The second image was taken on a coast town, on a small beach.

I feel this image was successful in the way that it creates a sense of harmony and balance as well as sending a message to the viewer of nature and it’s beauty.








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