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I mostly use Facebook as a way of sharing my images to the public i believe it is an easy and really productive way of sharing my photos and receiving feedback of what people like / dislike as well as it is one of the main social media sites being used at the moment.

Although using Facebook has it’s advantages in advertising of my images the downfall is that although it is used by the general public, it is not a great stepping stone when it comes to displaying images to people who are directly involved in the industry which is a must when displaying our work hoping for critique. 

i feel most things that are posted using Facebook are always met with positive feedback where using a social media site for professionals int he industry such as Behance, 500 pixels or  a personal blog / website is a perfect way of connecting with professionals and receiving the feedback we need to strive to become better at our art.

Although I think that using a social network sites that are being used by the masses is a great way of getting your name and work in the spotlight as as creating future business prospects.


The first image i uploaded was of un upturned boat /water scene.

The feedbacki received was all positive focusing on my work and that people are enjoying seeing my work.


“this is a beautiful shot Cxxxx” 

“Awesome, Love your work”

“Keep it up, love seeing what you do”


The second image i uploaded was a part of an album i created when i was photographing a hens night.

Although there were alot of photos so not one specific image got an influx of comments most were liked and the album received very positive comments, showing that people have seen and enjoyed my work and also i have been asked if my images could be used on the website of the wedding planner.


“Awesome photos Courtney!!”

“These Are SOOOOO good Courtney Thank you!!”

“Amazing work”



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