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Authenticity and Validity

Elise Wright (1917) – Francis and the fairies.

Taken in 1917, this image is of Francis Griffiths, with what is made out to be fairies.

Later to be confirmed as cardboard cutouts but this caused quite a stir in the media and it became a challenge to professionals to determine the authenticity of the images captured by the young cousins.


The Loch-ness Monster is a well known myth of a mythical animal living in a scottish loch, throughout history there has been much debate as to wether this creature exists.


In Photography there is a point where we should try and create a real photo, using photo manipulation can be quite an ordeal if we a trying to portray they image as “real”. The implications of creating a “fake” photo can be detrimental to a photographer career as well as upsetting the public and creating a stir.


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