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Activity 5 – Memorable Images

The images i have chosen are all very famous and well-known images to the general public and artists alike.

I chose these images as i believe they all have a very strong presence about them.

“The Scream” by Edvard Munch is a moody yet interesting piece of artwork, it has a certain roughness to the image that leaves me thinking about it, the harshness of the red in the sky to the dark browns in the bottom of the picture really contrast each other nicely and when i think of the image although its not a focal point in colour the person in the front “screaming” really does jump out and burns the image in your head.


In a similar why the image of Freddie Mercury (Queen) holding the Union Jack is a symbol of pride of his heritage and of his homeland.

This images is memorable to me in the contrast of the darkness of the background stage, to the white of his pants, these elements make the red in the flag pop.


The U.S army recruitment advertisements are so widely recognizable in the fact that if we see them, without even delving further into the image we know that it is an advertisement for the U.S Army. 

The simple image of Uncle Sam pointing and the words “I Want You” are so significant and     is very targeted to the audience, it singles out the viewer and has a sense of patriotism.










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