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Before this exercise i needed to take into consideration the lighting and what role it would play in the the environment that I have chosen to capture, I will need to pick a time of day where i will have sufficient lighting but not direct sunlight as I do not want to have to much glare in the image.

As I have chosen an area that is easily accessed by the public i will need to be weary that i do not capture any people in the shot.

In this image need to create a sense of depth with foreground and background interest, i believe I have achieved this with the trees in the foreground with the background interest being the water through the opening of the trees.

I am happy with the way this image has turned out as i believe i have created an image that is acceptably sharp throughout the entire image as well as has an interesting point of view that has a composition that invites viewer participation in the image.

In the choosing of this particular image out of all the others i have picked this image because i think that I created a tonally ‘complete’ image with limited blocking of highlights and shadows.


Below is a screen shot of my source images in Lightroom.




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